Our Ministries

Come join our ministries and grow in the lord with us.

Mens Ministry 

The purpose of the Men’s Ministry is to equip men with the biblical understanding and wisdom to be leaders within their families and the church.  Each lesson is taught from a Scripture in order to accomplish the goal of leadership and to facilitate a better grasp of the gospel for evangelism.

Women’s Ministry

The goal of the Women’s Ministry is to bring a biblical perspective into the lives of women to insure they have the tools to make good godly decisions about their personal lives.  The teaching is a study of women in the Bible and scripture lessons designed to help with overcoming personal difficulties that confront women in general and assists with evangelistic activities.

Youth Ministry

Our Youth ministry is split into 3 parts: 
Nursery: Age 5 and under
Juice Crew: Ages 6 to 12
Youth: Ages 13-18

Our Youth Ministry is split into 3 age groups that centered around the ability to read.  The Nursery for our youngest, the “Juice Crew” that begins about age 5 and goes to age 11, and then our teens that start at age 12. 

Each group is given information and projects that are designed to teach basic biblical content at the earlier ages.  The teens take that basic biblical information and begin to learn doctrinal positions and real world Christian philosophically based critical thinking to help them make better decisions.

Our Shut In Ministry ensures that all who are hospitalized or incapacitated are able to receive prayer and whatever can be done from a church perspective for a member in need.

Outreach and Sick and Shut In

The Outreach Ministry is an aid to the church to identify, plan, and execute service projects that give all members the opportunity to minister to the community in various ways. This is also used as a precursor for evangelistic group opportunities.

Marketing and Media

The Marketing and Media Ministries purpose is to simply expose as many people as possible to the teaching of CBF and the gospel message by providing an alternative to the rhetoric in social media.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry is 100% volunteer. They provide incredible music and vocals, and they help to stir up the emotional aspects of being a Christian in harmony. Their purpose is to encourage the heart and soul by celebrating Christ in music.